An XML parser in Fortran

NOTE: Toby White took over most development of xmlf90, renamed it FoX, and released a more robust SAX parser, a general purpose XML generation library, and a CML output library. The work is now being continued by Andrew Walker. More details can be found here.

The xmlf90 package now includes a new DOM interface, and WXML, a library to write well-formed XML. Jon Wakelin has joined the development, and we use the strings module by Mart Rentmeester.


Download the xmlf90 package

An example of a "real-world" application of the parser is in the handling of XML pseudopotential data for electronic-structure codes. This work is the context of the FSAtom project.

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You might want to have a look at two other projects (that I know of) also aimed at parsing XML in Fortran: those of Mart Rentmeester and Arjen Markus.